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Sleepless in Imagination Land

It happened all the time when I was un enfant.  It seems most days, to children, are filled with excitement.  They can’t wait for the next “ordinary day” to unfold, because, to them it is mostly filled with new, stimulating experiences. I remember once asking my eldest garçon what it was that kept him from getting… Continue reading Sleepless in Imagination Land

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A Dinglewomper Jour

As you might guess from the title, I, after taking Oldest Garçon to see The BFG today, have decided to begin talking like The Big Friendly Giant.  As Sophie says, I think he speaks “beautifully”.  It is the picture parfait of individuality and creativity.  Eldest Garçon and I may have to invent a language as part of our… Continue reading A Dinglewomper Jour