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Chasing Tricotlore

img_20160826_124627185_29213062876_oBonjour mes amis!  It’s been so long since I’ve written that my two or three followers may have given up on me by now (chuckle).  Since I am using this as a journal, so that I may look back at my days and see that I did accomplish things creative and inspiring, I am really hoping, for myself, that I can begin to write more often again.

But, vraiment, readers, I had no choice but to take a short leave of absence.  Life did not allow me to be at the computer for any length of time, because I had to keep track of Tricotlore.  You recall that I had been spotting her here and there, every once in awhile, early in the summer.  Well, chers readers… over the last month and a half she was everywhere I turned.  She was really quite tricky to keep up with.  I chased her from one thought to another, amidst days of children learning, husband healing, and life giving us feelings that fly out of us without warning as yells, shouts, and tears.

Tricotlore was persistent, however, and knew that we needed her to stay for awhile.  But, oh là là how she jumped and leaped from thought to thought and place to place!  We would start one project and hop-là, she would insist we jot down ideas for another.  We spent hours chatting while the children did their “creative time”– we stayed up late working on projects together and dreaming up schemes for new works of mind and inspiration– I was chasing Tricotlore to places inspiring and reviving, sometimes many miles away.

So, you see, I had no choice but to leave this space for awhile, so that I could inhabit a space that has been missing for so long.  I knew that if I didn’t dwell there, Tricotlore would give up on me again for a little while, thinking maybe this was a bad time to come calling.  I wanted her to know that she is welcome, truly necessary, and très important in our lives despite other challenges we may be facing that take up our valuable minutes, hours, days, and months… breaths… energy…Oui, l’énergie… where is that elusive little guy?  Luckily he and Tricotlore are great friends, so she brings him along on most visits.

So, mes chers, I have been very busy.  Chasing children is a full-time job, but chasing yourself is the true hard work. I do not think I will have space to tell you everything Tricotlore and I came up with, but I will leave you with some photos to let you know that we are still here… and we are finding, together, inspiration and, more importantly, Moi…

Oh!  And I almost forgot to tell you something Tricotlore mentioned to me the other day that I thought was a real pearl of sagesse, my friends…

Creative Space is Messy Space!

So, please excuse the “mess” in photos to come in future days (even if you don’t see it in the photos, you can safely imagine piles of fabric, yarn, fleece, toys, dishes, laundry, etc. on the outskirts of each shot)… I’m afraid it follows Tricotlore like Linus’ blanket, or more accurately, Pigpen’s cloud of dust.

From top to bottom, left to right:

  1. Projects that beginning knitters will make in a class I will be teaching soon.
  2. A pillowcase.. stay tuned for what it will become!
  3. Rug-hooking, Prince Edward Island style, with wool strips.  I did not make this, but I had a 5 minute lesson during a trip in July and will be trying my hand at this craft alongside my 2nd grader, during his school days.
  4. An alpaca fleece I purchased in Ellicotville, NY (just the fleece– no animal was harmed!) More to come on this later!
  5. A baby skirt that I designed and knit for my new little niece, born in August!  It is magical!  Upcoming post with details!
  6. Tomato soup in-process
  7. Finding a way to use zillions of eggplants from our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

À bientôt, mes chers.  I’ll certainly try to write again soon.  In the meantime, please write a little something to me, by way of leaving a comment so that I may know that you stopped by.  ~Jen


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