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Sleepless in Imagination Land


It happened all the time when I was un enfant.  It seems most days, to children, are filled with excitement.  They can’t wait for the next “ordinary day” to unfold, because, to them it is mostly filled with new, stimulating experiences.

I remember once asking my eldest garçon what it was that kept him from getting to sleep easily each night.  He answered, eyes shining, (seriously, mes amis, I’m not just being poetic)

“Mom, it’s just… I can’t sleep because tomorrow is going to be so exciting!

This was the night before a normal day– we weren’t going to an amusement park or the museum, or even the library. He was (and still is) just plain excited to be alive and experience la vie!  How I wish I could recapture that joy and excitement…

Well, this week, I have started to notice some insomnia creeping in…

Not the kind we usually have as adults and parents, where we think about all the things that we forgot to worry about during the daytime…

But the exciting, Creativity-Induced-Insomnia that comes from thinking about all the projects and ideas we forgot to dream about during the daytime.

Several such bouts of insomnia were spurred by the anticipation of the arrival of a few publications.  A new crafting book (more on this next time, or maybe the time after that, if I get distracted).  And, a journal that my cher mari ordered for me as a gift…

I just got my first copy…


…and I am already loving it!  The pages are filled with layouts that are, themselves, works of art.  The artists featured are diverse and are creating with inspired novelty.  It is refreshing to open a publication that devotes itself to furthering artistic endeavors by “the rest of us” (not that I compare– just that these are “regular people” doing what they love, which is something I identify with complètement).

One of the best things about this magazine is the number of resources it has for finding new artistic motivations.  I thought I’d begin sharing with you, at the end of occasional blog posts, a link to someone I’m finding creativity from at the moment….

Donc, voilà…

I can’t wait to explore this shop more…the artist, Rachel Post, has a long love-affair with fiber arts, dating back to when her grandmother would spin tales (couldn’t resist the pun, désolée, mes amis!) about being a seamstress during WWII.  This got Rachel on the path that lead to knitting “before it was cool,” as she says, in the 1980s.  Not loving the choices available at the time, she started making her own yarns.  She dyes her own roving, then spins it by hand, on her double treadle spinning wheel, imagining, all-the-while, the artisan who will adopt this treasure and continue the making process by knitting, weaving, or crocheting.

Ok, that’s it.  I can’t sit at this keyboard anymore! I’m off to try my hand with the drop-spindle again.   Merci, Rachel, pour ton inspiration!



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