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Life-like Mandalas

Have you been working on Mandalas?  Here’s how Tricotlore taught me to do them–I love the idea of not thinking about which mark you make and repeat.  It made me think about how little imperfections, when part of the whole, become a beautiful pattern.

I want to embrace the idea that la vie is full of positive, negative, good, bad, (and the ugly).  It’s a challenge for me.  So, using Mandalas as a meditative tool helps me focus on the way life is an amalgamation of all this “stuff” that creates, when we pay attention to it, a balanced whole.

Balance, it’s another thing I’m working on finding… C’est vrai!

In the meantime, a few pictures of inspiration from Tricotlore:

B4 Bag, Designed by Trish Bloom
Designed by Lucinda Guy

And, finally…

Delivery was made!




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