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Spinning Circles

What to do, what to do…

This is how I feel most mornings.   I have some “free time” while Les Enfants watch TV and eat breakfast.  What should I do?!  Dishes? Laundry? Decluttering? Creative Projects? Actually eat breakfast myself?

I spin and turn and spin some more–In the end, not accomplishing much more than wandering around the house picking up this or that, trying to make a commitment to what I “should” be doing (the housework), while trying to convince myself to do something more interesting with my liberté.

And–an hour is gone, and I feel grumpy and restless and still haven’t eaten breakfast.  (And this makes me even more grumpy, because I read somewhere that your metabolism needs you to make a décision and eat something within the first hour of being awake– so now I’ve messed up my whole day of weight loss attempt and might as well eat chocolate for breakfast, which is what I was planning anyway).

Why do we do this to ourselves (because, I’m assuming I’m not alone as a mother who never manages to “find time” for herself).

About a month ago, I decided to keep a “time log”, like counting my minutes spent instead of the more typical “food log” where you write down every crumb of the day.  I realized, mes amis, that I have plenty of time to do things avec moi.  Without announcements, thus without me noticing, the children have learned to play nicely (sometimes).  They will both agree to doing their own “creative time” after lunch, in their bedrooms with toys, books, and blocks.

So you see…I have time…

But it gets sucked into the vacuum of indecision.

Of course, there were other realizations during this “time log” experiment.  I am spending a ridicule part of the day dealing with preparing snacks, meals, and dishes.  I also invest much of my time in avoiding the laundry and sweeping that needs to be done.

Maybe I should invest in something else…

Like, something to help me focus my mind.  No more circles…

Wait, voilà my good idée for the week (merci Tricotlore!  You’re right!  Circles are exactly what I need!):


A très bon tool for meditation and contemplation– and a parfait metaphor for my circles that keep spinning in my life and in my mind.

I am going to give something a try, and I invite you to join me, s’il vous plaît.

When you get overwhelmed with housework, caring for children, obligations, and la vie en général, grab a journal or a sheet of beautiful paper and create a Mandala.

Despite the gorgeous pictures you will find when you google this word, Mandalas are not about perfection (at least in my humble opinion). In fact, I use the creation of them to embrace all aspects of life, as they are all part of a beautiful whole.  (Stay tuned for how to create Mandalas that encourage positive thought, creativity, and embracing little mistakes.)

Let’s try this and see if it doesn’t help us focus on exactly what we need out of each day, each week, and, truly, our whole life (petit à petit)…

…Tricotlore shows up when I least expect her.  Have you had any success in finding your (slightly missing) friend?image


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