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A Dinglewomper Jour

As you might guess from the title, I, after taking Oldest Garçon to see The BFG today, have decided to begin talking like The Big Friendly Giant.  As Sophie says, I think he speaks “beautifully”.  It is the picture parfait of individuality and creativity.  Eldest Garçon and I may have to invent a language as part of our “2nd grade” curriculum.  Lessons with Roald Dahl, creator and imaginer ultime may be required (though that might prove difficile, c’est vrai…)

Oh!  And another exciting bit of information (aside from me creating a new language)! I spotted her today–


Oops… Not there!  Though she does love a fleur sauvage, c’est vrai.  Here.  She’s bound to be in this one…


Hmmm…Not there either… Though we’re getting closer with the lavande... I could’ve sworn she was… Hop là!  There she is!


Finishing up her first-in-seems-like-forever knit for-fun-and-profit.   This scarf will be delivered A.Tôt.A.P. To Lauren at The Needleworks in Saegertown for shop display.  Hopefully, it will assist in sales of this cool-when-hot yarn, Abracadabra, which changes colors in sunlight (U.V. Radiation, please step forward and take a rare encore)

It was fun to see Tricotlore, crafting away, guilt-free thanks to income accompanying her hobby for once.

oh!  And I saw her yesterday too!  I almost forgot about that one!  Here’s a hint-photo:


She felt like her old, creative, quirky self again, with this bright pink stain on her brush.  But, I had to keep reminding her not to snap at the children.  It seems every time I see the best in her côté créatif, she is barking at Les enfants to “find something to do!  I am trying to do a project, for once!”

I have been trying to reason with her that, maybe, c’est possible que, expecting a three-year-old petit garçon (or petite fille, for that matter) to “find something to do” for 15 minutes, let alone the 3 hours she was hoping for is really a bit more than ambitieuse.  That, really, at this point, for her…

C’est la vie… Et la vie peut être si belle… If she can find a little balance.

Living scrumdidliumptiously,



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